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We look forward to you visiting FAITH for LIFE CHURCH! We are honored that you took the time to look into us. We trust that throughout the service, we may be a blessing to you and your family. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us via email or phone.

  • SERVICE: Sundays @ 10 AM
  • LOCATION: 1928 E Bertrand Rd, Niles, MI 49120
  • PHONE: (269) 262-0296
  • EMAIL: [email protected]



  • We believe the Bible to be the inspired, authoritative Word of God. We believe the Word of God is our guide and rule of faith and conduct of life. (II Peter 1:20-21, Hebrews. 4:12, II Timothy 3:15-17)
  • We believe in one true God who is a Spirit (John 4:24).
  • We believe the Lord Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God, was conceived of the Holy Spirit, born of the virgin Mary, was crucified on the cross, died for the sins of mankind, and was buried. The third day He rose from the dead; He ascended into Heaven and sits at the right hand of the Father Almighty.
  • We believe that the Lord Jesus Christ is the one mediator between God and man - (1 Timothy 2:5 For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus)
  • We believe in the forgiveness of sins and personal salvation by grace through faith in the shed blood and atoning death, and the bodily resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • We believe God is no respecter of persons and that all men may receive salvation by calling upon the Name of Jesus by faith and confessing Him as their personal Lord and Savior.
  • We believe in the doctrine of baptisms. Water baptism into the Name of Jesus by immersion as an outward act of obedience, symbolizing the Christian's identification with Christ's death, burial, and resurrection.
  • The believer's baptism by the Holy Spirit into the Body of Christ and the corresponding fellowship and communion of the Saints.
  • The baptism of the Holy Spirit as a separate and distinct occurrence from the New Birth with the initial evidence of speaking with other tongues as the Spirit gives the utterance.
  • We believe in sanctification through the Word of God and by the Holy Spirit which results in personal holiness and purity of heart and life.
  • We believe in the present-day manifestation of the Gifts of the Spirit and the evidence of the fruit of the Spirit as recorded in 1 Corinthians 12 and 14, and Galatians 5. These are available to all believers.
  • We believe in divine healing through Faith in the name of Jesus Christ, and that healing and prosperity for the whole man (Spirit, Soul, and Body) is included in the redemption.
  • We believe in the Christian Hope, the soon coming and personal return of The Lord Jesus Christ, and the physical, visible rapture of the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • We believe in the resurrection of the dead. The righteous dead will be raised into blessed reward and everlasting life.
  • We believe it is the responsibility of the believer to share the good news gospel of the redemptive plan of God to the whole world according to Christ's command in Mark 16.
  • We believe that God performs miracles, healings, signs and wonders today just like He did through Jesus's ministry and these miracles accompany believers today as they proclaim the Gospel of Christ.



I consider it a great honor to be pastor at Faith for Life Church in Niles.  I am thrilled to share with you who and what we are as a church, and what our desire is to be in your life.

Our desire is to offer more than just a place to show up at a few times a year.  Faith for Life Church expects to be more than only a place of worship.  There are opportunities to make friends, receive ministry, and be a part of something bigger than what any person can do by themself.  We can affect people’s lives and families with the Love of God!  In fact, it is a growing family!  We truly believe there is a place here for you in which you will have an effectual part in blessing and making a difference in others!

There is a supernatural happening that occurs when you are in the heart of your pastor, and a praying church! That is why we know everyone needs a church home and the love that the church and the ministry have to offer. If you are looking for a place to grow and be encouraged, we believe we could be that church for you! Let’s have Faith for Life and see the victory that comes with it! Come home to Faith for Life!

Pastor Roger Cook