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Living in God’s Promised Land
May 5, 2024

Living in God’s Promised Land

Passage: Acts 4:23, Acts 4:29-30, Matthew 7:22-23, 1 Corinthians 14:1, Joshua 5:12, Psalms 107:37-38, Joshua 1:7
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Pastor Ken's sermon "Living in God's Promised Land" emphasizes the concept of possessing the promises, rights, and privileges we have in Christ Jesus. He encourages the congregation to act, talk, and look like they are the center of God's affection, reminding them that they are all ministers of God and have been given authority and the ability to speak to Him directly. The sermon also touches on the importance of being willing and obedient to God, believing in miracles, and experiencing love, joy, and peace in a profound way. Throughout the sermon, Pastor Ken uses biblical references and personal anecdotes to convey the message of living in God's promised land.

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